Meet the Team

Welcome to our blog!

Follow our journey as we set out to find what makes our campus happy. You’ll see the ups and downs of our endeavors.

Laugh with us. Cry with us. Fix bugs with us. It’ll be a good time.

Meshach | Designer
He’s got the quick puns loaded at all times. He’s responsible for our snazzy name.

Ben | Developer
He’s our quiet guy. But don’t be fooled – he’s full of sass when he wants to be.

Dan | Developer
He makes all the jokes. He loves the word “ciabatta,” so make sure to say that to him when you get the chance.

Casey | Designer
Lover of laughter and funny words. Get her laughing and good luck stopping it.

Tim | Designer
Our designated tinkerer. He’s a hands-on builder and he’s darn good at it.

Kat | Designer
That’s me! I like to bring the energy. Ask Ben – he loves my positivity at our early morning meetings.

Check back for updates on our adventures!