#RITSmilesPerHour has gotten #Famous

(Photo by Monica Gustin)

First week down; three to go! Since our launch, we’ve received much attention from students, faculty, and the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences (CIAS) here at RIT! We’ve gotten hundreds of inputs at each kiosk so far.

Keep reading for all of the exciting news!

On the first day of our data collection, one student posted about our project on Reddit which stirred public curiosity to this sudden pop-up installation. We were quickly known.

Our Twitter has gained a following as people have been tweeting about their interactions with our kiosks:

New Media Design at RIT tweeted this sick photo by Miguel Cardona.

And then CIAS covered our project in a news article that same week!

All and all, it has been a great first week for Smiles Per Hour! We are continuing to gather data for the upcoming interactive installation at Imagine RIT on May 6th.


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