We are LIVE and Collecting Data!

(All Photos and GIFs by Monica Gustin)

After blood, sweat, and tears – after staying in the labs troubleshooting for 12 hours – we got the control boards wired up, installed in the kiosks, and ready to be placed in the wild.

RIT, it’s official. OUR KIOSKS ARE LIVE. 

Official Locations:
1) Artesano
2) Magic Center @ Global Village
3) Grace Watson Hall @ Dorms

Casey stayed in the lab ALL DAY. Troubleshooting these connections. We need to get her some donuts.
The buttons light up and animate when interacted with! How snazzy is that? It’s all about the experience, baby.
Meshach carried the first kiosk out. We were dying of laughter because it looks like our kiosk got up and ran away.
We set up our first kiosk outside of Bytes and Artesano.
Here’s Kat thinking “Hmm, should the signs go like this? No… How about like this? Hm. Oooh this.”
(Dan and Ben unfortunately missed the photo, but they were there!) Tada! Here we were at 9PM after a long day.

And there you have it folks. These photos document us putting up our first kiosk, but now all three are live and collecting data for us.

Go find them and slap a button! Take a selfie with our kiosk and tweet at us with the hashtag #ritsmilesperhour.


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