Build Kiosks? CHECK.

With Casey’s skilled father John Gilbert’s help, we completed the kiosks! We think they’re lookin’ grand.

Casey, Dan, and Meshach pretend to be politicians debating SOMETHING. What interestingly backwards built podiums.


We brought them outside to paint.


We originally tried spray painting, but that did NOT work out. Oops! Live and learn.


Adding some sweet looking birch tape trim to the edges to make them look nice and professional.


Kat ended up painting it with regular paint. She didn’t get many pictures of that process, but she got this sweet pic of the kiosks looking like little aliens.


Meshach added sweet touches of color to each kiosk. Bringing the branding into the design.

We’re overall very happy with how they turned out! Now it’s time to add the buttons. Let’s go.

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