Time for Construction! (Long Post)

Once we had our design in order, we got down to business constructing these things. We had the help of an incredibly skilled carpenter – Casey’s dad John Gilbert!

John was a HUGE help. He helped us plan out and execute our vision.

Casey having some fun lending a hand with some intense wood-working tools. John is looking quite focused.
Meshach with the humble first leg of the first kiosk.
We are building kiosks! This is not a drill! (Well actually it is.)
Meshach made a giant clothespin.
Kat got hungry.
Look at the beautiful kiosk coming together. And look at the beautiful Casey.
We added the plywood to the sides of the skeleton and it began to take form.
Look at it in all its glory!

We got our design out of our brains and into reality.
Thank you AGAIN to John Gilbert. We couldn’t have done it without him.

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